Case Documents

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Witness Statements

Guy Adams
Amy Albright
Cedric Anderson (Officer)
Terry Atchinson
Marc Bernos
Scott Blair
Daniel Blan
William “Butch” Browder
Adrianne Cleckler
Deborah Constantino
Suzanne Dennis
Butch Gibbs
Kenneth Hall
Kevin Harris
Joseph Hopper
Charlotte Hulsey
Gene Hulsey
Thomas Hulsey
Timothy Marshall
Roxanne McFarland
Ralph Mims
Laquilla Motley
Lateshia Paige
Jason Posey
William Price
Allen Rambo
Stephanie Rheume
Joseph Robinson, Jr.
Deborah Sainz
Orlando Smith
James Talley
Kashawa Ware
Jami Whitlock
Orande Zeigler
Bobby Young

Trial Transcripts

Pages 1-50
Pages 51-100
Pages 101-150
Pages 151-200
Pages 201-250
Pages 251-300
Pages 301-350
Pages 351-374
Pages 375-424
Pages 425-474
Pages 475-524
Pages 525-574
Pages 575-624
Pages 625-674
Pages 675-724
Pages 725-765

Daniel’s Employment Papers (Alibi)

Time Cards (Including 7/27/94)
Termination Papers

Altered Firearm Reports and Arrest

Altered Firearm Report
Altered Firearm Arrest
Altered Firearm Statements


Declaration of Death
Postmortem Report

Incident Reports

Altered Firearm 
Murder and Robbery

Forensic Papers

Finger and Palm PrintsForensic Evidence Collected


Exhibit List and Discovery

Search Records

Search for Weapons
Water Searches

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